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Question #01: Provide as many screenshot of other trackers (2 Atleast!!!) you're on, you must show (Website Name, User Name, Upload/Download/Ratio, Email and IP) & Current Speed Test, otherwise your application will not be accepted (provide links to images, separated by colon).

Question #02: You have to understand that you will need to seed to 1:1 or 72hrs (within 6 days) (including freeleech) in every single torrent, even Non-Complete & Freeleech, can you meet those requirements? if not... please provide us with genuine reasons, put in mind your reason will need to be strong, otherwise your application will FAIL!.

Question #03: What are the difference between BDrips and BRrips, and which off those two is not allowed in our site?

Question #04: What is R5 and reasons why they're not always welcome in many sites including HDME?

Question #05: How did you receive your invite, and from who? (Must Answer)? and why did you decide to join us (optional)?

Question #06: Any plans of you uploading content to our site? (put in mind, we only allow HD content)

Question #07: What are the rules for dupe account in HDME?

Question #08: Are you sharing IP's with a roommate or sharing a seedbox? Which of the two is accepted in HDME?

Question #09: What's your favorite Movie(s) of all time?

Question #10: What is the difference between AC3 & DTS, and which you personaly prefer?

Question #11: which of these formats are not allowed on HDME - (mkv, avi, vob, mp4, m2ts, avchd, ogm).

Question #12. Why do you think you will make a good member of our community?

Question #13. Question #13. Can you read? Assuming that is a Yes, Read our Rules & FAQ. once you get your invite!!!